Region VI PDC focus is on the expansion and improvement of water and sewer facilities and infrastructure. The agency is involved with limited participation in transportation, employment, industry, small business development, housing, education, recreation, and broadband. By coordinating closely with our affiliates in the region, we promote stability, growth, and progress in West Virginia, especially assisting local jurisdictions too small to maintain staff for grant writing, planning, and project administration.

The Council retains a professional staff adept in public administration, regional/ community planning, and economic development.



Council Members

  • Shawn Glaspell, President
    Elected Official
    County Commission
  • George Eidel
    Doddridge County Commission
  • Jennifer Wilt*
    Executive Director
    Dodd Economic Authority
    * Private Sector Member
  • Kortni Sandridge, Mayor
    Elected Official
    Town of West Union