Clarksburg Water Board Snake Hollow Road

Four residents of Snake Hollow Road (County Route 24/7) currently do not have a reliable potable water source with wells that have poor water quality. The privately drilled wells have significantly lost water quality from harmful contaminants. A recent water quality test indicates there are multiple high-level contaminants in the existing water. Residents currently do not have safe water without transporting it to their homes. To eliminate hazards imposed by using well water, the four residents have requested water service from the Clarksburg Water Board.

This proposed project would extend water service to residents on Snake Hollow Road to serve four (4) residential customers. The current water distribution system is along Glen Falls Road (County Route 24/1) and has the capacity to serve the additional customers proposed in this extension. The existing system contains a stub-out for connection of the proposed extension at the beginning of Snake Hollow Road. The proposed extension will provide a water resource accessible by all existing residences on Snake Hollow Road without the need for a future extension.