Downs PSD Water System Improvements

Currently, the entire Downs PSD water system relies on the City of Mannington and its aging Burt Hill Tank for their water. There have also been previous concerns regarding capacity and fire-flows at the North Marion High School according to a 2019 BPH Sanitary Survey. An additional 100,000-gallon storage could lessen these concerns. An additional concern regarding the existing water system are the many residents that live in the Rachel area that rely on well water and go without fire-protection. There are at least 10 residents on East Run Road have been requesting water service and an existing 1.5-inch line stops just short of these potential customers. This project aims to connect as many requesting residents as feasible with potable water and fire-protection. Lastly, this project is proposing an interconnection with the Monumental PSD system along Plum Run Road. This interconnection would consist of a one (1) mile, 6-inch extension that would tie-in, allowing either system to provide water to one another in the event of emergency or main break. This extension would connect an additional 2 customers to the Downs system.