Monongah Sewer Project-Phase III Sanitary Sewer Improvements

The objective of this Phase III-Sanitary Sewer Improvements Project is to continue the implementation of the Town’s LTCP to reduce Inflow and Infiltration (I&I) into the system with the ultimate goal of reducing wet weather CSO discharges. Referencing the most recent Annual Report, the Town billed its 607 customers for 27,406,000 gallons of wastewater but the Town purchased 54,913,000 gallons of wastewater treatment from the City of Fairmont. This indicates an I&I of 50% in Monongah’s sanitary system. An ongoing Phase II project aims to address this issue in East and West Monongah. Phase III aims to further address I&I in the areas of Shaver St, Bridge St, Brookdale Dr, Lambert Ave, Watkins Aly, and Fleming St by installing new sanitary sewer lines and reconnecting existing customers in these areas.