Monumental PSD Phase II

This proposed project consists of waterline replacements within the Monumental PSD’s existing distribution system along side lines that were not able to be replaced as a part of its recently completed Phase I improvement project. This new project will consist of replacing approximately 49,175 LF of existing 1”-2” water mains with new 6”, 4” and 2” waterlines. These upgrades will directly improve potable water service to approximately 133 existing customers. The existing waterlines are undersized and currently do not provide adequate pressure and volume to many areas of the water system. Most of the waterline replacements that will be 6” in diameter will be capable of supporting fire flow. Therefore, approximately 13 new fire hydrant assemblies are also included in the project. By replacing the existing waterlines in the project area, the upgraded water system will provide better water pressure, some new fire protection, more accessible waterlines, and a more efficient and reliable system for the customers who are currently being served. This project will complete all the major upgrades for the Monumental PSD water distribution system.