Short Line PSD Water System Upgrades

The project proposes to construct a new 450-GPM booster pump station that is complete with all required piping, valves, and all other appurtenances. This booster pump station will be placed down the hill from the existing pump station which will include the clearing of trees and all required earthwork that will be needed to construct an accessible site. The new site will provide Short Line employees with better access to the booster pump station than what the current one provides. Alternative No. 1 also proposes to replace all 1,179 meters with all new radio read meters. These radio-read meters will include new meter setters and meter pits. The installation of radio-read meters will reduce the time that Short Line employees are spending to manually read meters, will also make reading meters safer than what is currently ongoing. There are seventy (70) fire hydrants throughout the distribution system, this alternative proposes to remove and replace approximately half of the fire hydrants in the system. In the design phase, the exact location of the hydrants that are causing water loss will be determined.