Stonewood Sewer System Improvements

City of Stonewood’s sewage collection system consists of approximately 2,000 LF of four (4) inch, 42,350 LF of six (6) inch, 22,000 LF of eight (8) inch, 5.500 LF of ten (10) inch, 2,175 LF of twelve (12) inch, 3,120 LF of fifteen (15) inch of gravity sewer lines, 300 manholes, 75 cleanouts, four (4) lift stations, 1950 LF of four (4) inch force main and all necessary appurtenances. The project will see to the removal and replacement of old, dilapidated sewer lines in the City of Stonewood system that have been identified as major inflow & infiltration (I&I) contribution areas, mainly along the roads of Water Street, Cost Avenue, and Woodland Avenue. These corrective measures are necessary to reduce the amount of I&I in the City of Stonewood sewer system. As part of this project, the Rt. 58 pump station and corresponding forcemain will also be upgraded because it is undersized to convey the amount of sewage it receives. Necessary equipment for the City of Stonewood such as an excavator, trailer and jetter will be purchased as a part of this project.