Taylor County Commission Broadband Flemington Area Expansion

The primary purpose of the identified project is to deploy a fiber solution that will provide approximately 335 households, ten businesses, and 14 +/- community anchor institutions of the project area with reliable fixed broadband services of at least 25/3 mbps with anticipated up to 1000/1000 speeds in Census Tract 9648, Block Groups 1, 5 and 4. The project area has been identified as HUD eligible according to CDBG eligibility guidelines and will serve portions of routes 76, 13, 56, 13/5, 13/3, and surrounding routes/driveways as existing utility poles allow. This project will be operated and maintained by an Internet Service Provider (ISP) selected by the Taylor County Commission. The project team/partners will include, at a minimum, the Taylor County Commission, the local Economic Development Authority, Region VI Planning & Development Council, Thompson & Litton, and an ISP selective through procurement. Broadband will help retain/attract businesses, improve productivity of businesses, assist government in interacting with and providing online services to citizens, enhance education and educational opportunities, and provide access to telemedicine.