West Milford Water System Improvements

First, the exterior preparation of the tank would consist of a 4,000 psi pressure washing, then a spot blast and priming any areas that need touched up. An application of a new exterior paint would restore the

integrity of the tank's exterior coating. In addition to the tank painting, renovating the existing valve vault for structural integrity and functionality would allow for safer operation of the water system.

Secondly, the addition of a radio-read meter system would provide more efficient, accurate and prompt readings of customer water usage in the system. Not only would this save time and allow for

the maintenance staff to better maintain the system, it would also provide more accurate water usage readings for customers. Third, by adding a new western master meter pit water would then be able to

pass through the West Milford water system, lessening the amount of "dead water" on that side of the system and allowing another entry point for water to flow into the system in the event of an

emergency. Lastly, by replacing the five fire hydrants, the Town could provide better fire protection in those areas.